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Nov 13, 2012 4:55am EST
that check up may not be necessary at all. we will tell you why. washington state, made pot legal for recreational use. some employees say they don't care. why sparking up could impact your job prospects when good morning maryland continues. how far will people go to relieve their sore throat? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. looking good never tasted so good. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios let you in on a secret... we don't have to wait until black friday to get the break-the-door-down black friday prices on appliances at the home depot. we can upgrade to sleeker... larger and more energy-efficient at black friday prices... today. uh-oh. looks like the secret'
Nov 7, 2012 4:55am EST
news making headlines this morning voters in colorado and washington state approved measures allowing adults to use marijuana for medicior recreational purpose. oregon voted the measure down. the drug is a subject of state regulation and taxes federal authorities could block the measures. >>> same sex marriage was on the ballot in three other states. voters in maine approved it but results from minnesota and washington may not come in until later this week. this is the first time same sex marriage has been legal by popular vote. legislation or court orders have made it legal in 6 states so far. >>> while following the election on facebook you may have noticed very similar words. >> social network kept tabs and came up with the top five used on election day. we will tell you what they are as good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> a long and hotly contested campaign into the president being electioned for four more years and a pledge to get back -- pledge to
Nov 1, 2012 4:55am EDT
. along with u.s., maine, minnesota, and washington state have an initiative on the ballot regarding same sex marriage. >>> if you want to vote on the issue, you can always go to the polling places ahead of election day. early voting continues through tomorrow. sandy caused early voting to be canceled monday and tuesday, but friday was added as a voting day, and polling hours were extended. the polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. today and tomorrow so you still have some time. and the question is do you need a big coat or a lighter coat. either way you're going to need one. >>> i'd go for the big coat. >> i would too. >> let's talk about what's going on in the satellite and radar department this morning. let's start with the radar because we still do see some remnants of some wet weather, and all this is courtesy of sandy which is pulling away out into canada right now. still leaving snow in portions of pennsylvania is west virginia. this will be the trend throughout the day. the trend for us will be mainly cloud cover. we do see a few light showers, even sprinkles around carroll
Nov 2, 2012 4:55am EDT
and have been stopping in comoonts across the country. today the journey ends in washington, d.c. you are looking at youtube video they posted along the way from the facebook page when they were 35 miles away from the capitol. >>> the images of sandy are coming out of new york and new jersey and they are heart breaking. there's no doubt about it. the damage along the atlantic coastline is extensive and it's going to take months and years to rebuild some of the things that have been destroyedch the force of the storm -- destroyedch the force of the storm missed marled by 100 miles and charley traveled to atlantic city to see how bad it could have been here. >> reporter: charley crowson for abc2 news reporting in atlantic city. we wanted to give you an idea of how bad the storm was the and how fortunate we were in maryland hurricane sandy tracked north and we didn't get the direct hit. see right here massive timbers and large plumes of wood and lumber all tossed around like twigs and tooth picks we heard from city workers in the city. this is part of the construction right here along th
Nov 12, 2012 4:55am EST
and there were piles offurniture outside the homes. volunteers from maryland and washington, d.c. have been helping to remove heavy debris. he thought his boat was gone until he looked across the street. >> it was about five feet water here where we are standing so with the boat on concrete blocks it had watter to float away and the wind blew it across the street. >> the neighbors are drying out their homes pulling up all the carpet and getting everything together to help bring that island back to life. >>> another store is opening on thanksgiving instead of starting sales on black friday. toys r us will open at 9 on thursday november 22nd and the deals start with more than 200 door busters including a free 20 dollar store gift card and a 30 dollar itunes card with the purchase of an apple ipod touch. wow. >> all right. listen to this. for fans camping out for days, the wait is over. >> premier of the twilight finale hits the big screen in l tonight. we will go to tinsel town to hear from fans. >> an iconic costume from the wizard of oz has new home. we will tell you how much one person she
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5